Dozens of protesters rally outside Gallant’s home, demand he give canceled address

Dozens of protesters are rallying outside the home of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant in Moshav Amikam in northern Israel, hours after he canceled a televised speech in which he was widely reported to call on the coalition to halt its bid to overhaul the judiciary.

The protesters are demanding he gives the address and are chanting “shame” outside the home, Hebrew media reports say.

Gallant called off the address after meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who gave an address tonight vowing to move forward next week with a bill that will politicize judicial appointments. Netanyahu also attempted to assuage the opposition’s fears the legal shakeup will turn Israel into a dictatorship, insisting he would intervene in the legislation and ensure it is balanced and does not grant the coalition undue power.

Hebrew media widely reported earlier that, facing growing alarm in the military over the potential disintegration of the military’s reserve forces amid the changes to Israel’s balance of powers, Gallant had decided to issue a public call to stop the process.

Gallant canceled the speech at the premier’s request.

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