FM rebuffs UN official who warns Israel may have to deal alone with Gaza humanitarian crisis

Lazar Berman is The Times of Israel's diplomatic reporter

Foreign Minister Israel Katz has held a tense meeting with UN Senior Humanitarian and Reconstruction Coordinator for Gaza Sigrid Kaag, Katz’s office tells The Times of Israel.

Kaag warned Katz that chaos and crime are spreading in Gaza, and soon the UN won’t be able to continue operating in the Strip if the situation doesn’t change, according to Channel 12.

The Foreign Ministry pointed to the fact that over 1,000 truckloads of aid are waiting to be distributed on the Gazan side of border crossings, but the UN has not done so. Kaag responded that the UN is afraid of Gazan gangs and looting, and that the anger of the residents could turn on the UN workers. She warned Israel that it could be left alone dealing with the humanitarian mess in Gaza, Channel 12 reports.

Kaag also asked for dual-use items to be allowed in, but Katz insisted that Israel will continue checking carefully to make sure no aid that could be used by Hamas in producing weapons is allowed into Gaza.

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