Foreign Ministry welcomes ‘explicit recognition’ by UN of Hamas sex crimes on Oct. 7

The Foreign Ministry “welcomes the explicit recognition by a UN official of sexual crimes committed by Hamas” during its October 7 massacres in southern Israel, after the United Nation’s envoy on sex crimes during conflict presented a report earlier today indicating that rape likely occurred during the October 7 Hamas onslaught against southern Israel.

The 24-page report gathers “clear and convincing” evidence that hostages were raped while being held in Gaza, and that those currently held captive are still facing such abuse.

“For the first time, a UN official explicitly acknowledges the commission of sex crimes by Hamas and other terrorist organizations on October 7,” the Foreign Ministry statement continued. “The UN also recognizes that the crimes were committed simultaneously in different areas and points to a pattern of rape, torture, and sexual abuse.”

The statement also reiterates Israeli calls for the UN Security Council to declare Hamas a terror group and impose sanctions on it.

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