Four Hezbollah members said killed as Israel strikes terror cell in southern Lebanon

A local Hezbollah official and three other members of the Iran-aligned terror group were killed late on Wednesday in an Israeli strike on southern Lebanon, two security sources tell Reuters.

The strike brings the death toll in Israeli strikes on southern Lebanon on Wednesday to nine Hezbollah members in one of the deadliest days for the group since it began exchanging cross-border fire with Israel in October.

The IDF says in a statement that it carried out an strike against a terror cell operating in the southern Lebanese village of Yaroun.

In another unspecified area of south Lebanon, the IDF says it targeted Hezbollah’s observation capabilities and other “military infrastructure” manned by the terror group’s operatives.

Several projectiles were fired from Lebanon at northern Israel a short while ago, which the IDF says all landed in open areas near the community of Goren.

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