Freed hostage Emily Hand sings ‘Mah Nishtana’ at Kibbutz Be’eri Seder in Tel Aviv

Some 500 members of the Kibbutz Be’eri community are holding a Passover Seder in Tel Aviv’s Hostages Square, remembering 100 residents who were killed by Hamas terrorists on October 7, and 30 who were kidnapped to Gaza.

During the event, girls from the kibbutz, including 9-year-old Emily Hand who was kidnapped on October 7 and released in a weeklong truce in November, take the stage to sing “Mah Nishtana,” or the Four Questions, a song traditionally sung by the youngest member of the household that asks: “Why is this night different from every other night?”

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and war cabinet minister Gadi Eisenkot visit the square in Tel Aviv to pay respects to families of hostages held in Gaza and bereaved families.

Eleven of the hostages from Kibbutz Be’eri remain in captivity, believed to be alive; six were murdered in captivity and 13 were released during the November temporary ceasefire.

Photos and videos published on Hebrew news and social media sites shows other freed hostages present at the event, including Ofir Engel, 18, who was taken hostage by Hamas terrorists while was visiting his girlfriend on Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7.

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