Gantz: Return of hostages will help Israel win the war

War cabinet Minister Benny Gantz says the return of the hostages abducted by Hamas and other terror factions on October 7 is a key factor that will help Israel “win the war.”

“We are in extremely sensitive days for Israeli society,” he says during a military tour in northern Israel.

“The return of the hostages is a moral order and also an integral part of the resilience that allows us to win the war. It is important to say that especially these days — Israeli society as a whole… right and left – is praying and wishing for the safe return of the [hostages].

“We are making every effort to return them as quickly as possible. Along with this, we will continue to fight and stand guard until we bring about a change in the security reality in the south — and it will take as long as it takes,” he says.

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