IDF investigates soldiers who beat Palestinian in West Bank

The IDF says an initial inquiry of security camera footage capturing Israeli troops as they kick and beat a Palestinian man shows they “did not act in accordance with the standards.”

The army says it is investigating the incident, which took place at a time when Palestinians were throwing rocks and firebombs at troops nearby.

B’Tselem says the October 6 incident happened in the West Bank town of el-Bireh, near Ramallah.

The footage released Friday by the Israeli rights group shows a man carrying a box into a storage room and then standing at the door, looking outside. Soldiers rush toward him, beat and kick him for several minutes while he lies on the ground, then drag him outside.

It’s not clear what happened before the footage begins.

Ansar Aasi, 25, the man in the video, says he wasn’t involved in violence. “I raised my hand and told them I didn’t do anything but they beat me everywhere,” Aasi told The Associated Press. He said he was detained for five days and only released after his employer showed police the CCTV footage.

— AP

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