IDF surrounds West Bank house with terrorists from November shooting holed up inside — Palestinian reports

Israeli forces have surrounded a house in the West Bank town of Deir Ghusun, where the perpetrators of a November 2023 terror attack are believed to be holed up, according to Palestinian reports.

Palestinian news agency Wafa says that an Israel Defense Forces bulldozer recovered a dead body from the house.

The report adds that part of the house’s external wall is demolished by troops during the eight-hour long ongoing operation, with security forces placing the central West Bank town under curfew for the duration of the ongoing raid.

Forces search the rubble and comb the surroundings with dogs from the military’s Oketz canine unit, the report adds.

According to Wafa, the IDF says that the Palestinian men who barricaded themselves into the house carried out a November shooting attack near the northern West Bank settlement of Itamar that left two Israelis wounded — one seriously.

Posts on social media purport to show what appears to be grenade fire on the besieged house.


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