Israel slams South Africa after ICJ rejected request to limit Israeli op in Rafah

The Foreign Ministry issues a statement blasting South Africa after the International Court of Justice rejected Pretoria’s request to order limitations on Israeli military operations in Rafah.

“South Africa’s failed attempt to undermine Israel’s right to defend itself and its citizens from the Hamas terrorist organization provides further proof that its claims are baseless and unsubstantiated,” the statement says, referring to South Africa’s accusation of “genocide” against Israel.

The ministry goes on to accuse South Africa of “serving as the legal arm of Hamas” and “working to advance the interests of this terrorist organization.”

“Israel is acting and will continue to act based on its right to protect its citizens and to release the hostages, while remaining committed to upholding international law, facilitating the transfer of humanitarian aid, and making every effort to prevent harm to uninvolved civilians,” the statement adds.

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