Jose Andres tells Israeli TV: WCK was in IDF-controlled area, coordinated with IDF

World Central Kitchen founder Jose Andres is interviewed by Channel 12 on April 3, 2024. (Screen capture/Channel 12)
World Central Kitchen founder Jose Andres is interviewed by Channel 12 on April 3, 2024. (Screen capture/Channel 12)

World Central Kitchen’s founder Jose Andres gives a tearful interview to Israel’s Channel 12 news, mourning the seven dead and insisting the IDF airstrike was “a direct attack,” not a mistake.

“The airstrikes on our convoy I don’t think were an unfortunate mistake. It was really a direct attack on clearly marked vehicles whose movements were known by everybody at the IDF,” he says.

“I know Israelis. I have many friends that are Israelis and Jewish. I know Israelis, they are better than this war being waged. I know that they are better than blocking food and medicines to civilians.”

“We were feeding Israelis. We were next to the people of Israel hours after entire communities were massacred [on October 7]. We were there next to the Israeli people. We did more than two million meals. We were in many kibbutzim. We were in the north.”

“If we think about Passover — what are the lessons that we know from Passover? Lessons that every Israeli knows? That in Passover, you will feed the strangers. You will feed the strangers because the strangers fed you. Let’s embrace the meaning of Passover by making sure we will feed every stranger today.”

Asked about his conversation yesterday with US President Biden, Andres says:

“Nobody questions President Biden’s support for Israel, and I believe obviously Israel has and had all the right to defend her people. But defending your people is not killing everybody else around. I’ve been in Gaza myself. I met…,” he breaks down off tearfully, then resumes “… and some of the people that died were my friends… Zomi [Frankcom, one of the seven fatalities] is the nicest angel you will meet, a woman that has been in so many places around the world feeding people. This was a good soul.

“I think the Israeli government has to open more routes — that’s what I told President Biden. Needs to open more land routes and [allow in more food and] medicine today. [Prime Minister] Netanyahu can make that happen just by picking up the phone and asking for that simple thing to happen.”

Asked if there could have been terrorists in the cars, and whether someone could have exploited his staff unwittingly, Andres says:

“Obviously, I cannot speak about what we still don’t know. But what I can tell you is that World Central Kitchen were in a deconflicted zone; we were in an area that was highly controlled by the IDF, that there is no way anybody moves in and out without the IDF doing long searches. So I’m highly skeptical that this would be the case.

“I do believe Israel and the Israeli people are better than that. Let’s bring out our best angels today. Let’s make sure we stop the continuous killing of everything that moves in Gaza.”

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