Nasrallah calls on Shiite militias to attack US military

Nasrallah, in a seemingly endless speech, is finally getting to the point, and the point is dramatic: He calls for Shiite forces allied to Iran to attack US military assets.

Iran “won’t ask you to do anything – to act or not to act. But [the] Resistance Axis forces must decide how to deal with Soleimani’s death. So, if any Resistance Axis faction avenges his death, that [is] their decision, and Iran isn’t behind that,” says Nasrallah, according to one translator, David Daoud.

“It’s up to us how to respond. Do we content ourselves with mourning and eulogizing? We must all head towards just punishment. What do we mean by just punishment? Some are saying this must be someone of the same level as Qassem Soleimani – like Chairman of Joint Chiefs, head of @CENTCOM, but there is no one on Soleimani or Muhandis’ level. Soleimani’s shoe is worth more than Trump’s head, so there’s no one I can point to to say this is the person we can target.”

Instead, “just punishment therefore means American military presence in the region, US military bases, US military ships, every American officer and soldier in our countries and regions. The US military is the one who killed Soleimani and Muhandis, and they will pay the price. This is the equation.”

He warns against killing American civilians — not because Hezbollah has shied away from mass murder of civilians in the past, of course, but because “attacking US civilians anywhere serves Trump’s interests.”

“The American military institution put itself in the midst of battle by carrying out the assassination.”

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