Nasrallah: If Hamas reaches ceasefire deal with Israel, Hezbollah will also cease attacks

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah says that the terror group’s goal throughout the last nine months of near-daily attacks on northern Israel is to “exhaust the enemy materially, financially and mentally,” and claims that it has achieved this.

Speaking at a memorial event for senior Hezbollah official Mohammed Nasser, who was killed in an Israeli strike last week, Nasrallah claims that the clashes on the Lebanon border have successfully distracted Israel from the ongoing war against Hamas in Gaza. The situation in northern Israel has “made them understand that if they want it to stop, they must stop the aggression in Gaza,” he adds.

He says that if there is a breakthrough in the ongoing negotiations between Israel and Hamas that results in a ceasefire in Gaza, Hezbollah will “also cease” its attacks on Israel “without any discussion or negotiation.”

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