Netanyahu said to bash Israeli envoy to US over his lack of invite to White House

Israel's Ambassador to the US Mike Herzog. (Courtesy)
Israel's Ambassador to the US Mike Herzog. (Courtesy)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at Israeli Ambassador to the US Mike Herzog during a meeting last week over the government’s strained ties with the Biden administration, according to Channel 13 news.

Unidentified diplomatic sources tell the network that Netanyahu’s main bone of contention was his lack of invitation to the White House since returning to office in late December.

“You should be doing more to obtain a White House invitation,” Netanyahu is quoted as telling Herzog.

Herzog reportedly responded that he has been working for months with the US administration to find a date.

The report also cites diplomatic sources saying Netanyahu is displeased by President Isaac Herzog’s trip this week to New York and Washington, which will include a meeting with US President Joe Biden at the White House. Netanyahu told the ambassador — who is the president’s brother — that he thought the trip would give the White House legitimacy to avoid inviting the premier in the near future.

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