Paris students end Gaza protests after university agrees to ‘debate’ ties to Israel

Students at one of France’s most prestigious universities call off protests over the Gaza war after street scuffles between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli groups.

Administrators at the Institute of Political Studies, or Sciences Po, university in Paris have acted to douse mounting tensions at the Paris establishment as demonstrations spread across American universities over the impact of the Gaza war.

Pro-Palestinian students have staged several days of sit-ins and protests at the 150-year-old university. Some blocked entrances to the university and tents were set up at the central courtyard for a protest camp.

Hundreds of students turned out Friday and police moved in when about 50 pro-Israeli demonstrators arrived shouting and scuffles started.

With exams scheduled to start soon, the university says the pro-Palestinian students agreed to call off their action in return for an “internal debate” about the university’s ties to Israel.

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