Poland says graves of WWII soldiers destroyed by Belarus

Poland’s government alleges that authorities in Belarus are leveling a memorial site containing the graves of Polish soldiers who died during World War II.

Lukasz Jasina, the spokesman for Poland’s Foreign Ministry, says on Twitter that a cemetery in Surkonty, Belarus, where members of Poland’s largest wartime resistance force battled Soviet army troops, is being “devastated by the services of the Minsk regime.”

“Those who think that the human memory of heroes can be eradicated are very mistaken. The regime will pay for these acts of barbarism,” Jasina writes.

The allegation come a day after the Polish government said it was demolishing a monument to Soviet Red Army soldiers in Poland, one of dozens marked for destruction since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine six months ago.

There is no immediate comment from Belarus, and it is not clear if the developments are related. Belarus has destroyed other Polish memorial sites in the past.

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