Anti-Israel protesters set up more tents at Yale, form human chains to block pro-Israel students

Hundreds of students have set up around 30 tents on Yale University’s cross campus green, according to the US college newspaper.

Over 200 pro-Palestinian protesters have gathered on the campus, forming chains reportedly to block pro-Israel demonstrators from entering the encampment.

In videos shared on social media, masked protesters can be seen wearing keffiyehs, the Arab headdress meant to provide protection from sun and sand that became a symbol of Palestinian nationalism, and erecting Palestinian flags.

Chants of “There is only one solution, intifada revolution” can also be heard at the demonstration, a reference to periods of deadly Palestinian uprisings that included terrorists carrying out deadly suicide attacks against Israelis.

The reports follow dozens of arrests at Yale’s campus in New Haven, Connecticut last week after several violent episodes during the days-long protest.

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