Rand Paul ready to join 2016 US presidential campaign

Senator Rand Paul, a favorite of the ultraconservative Tea Party movement and frequent antagonist of Republican Party leaders, is ready to declare his candidacy for US president.

Paul, a first-term senator for Kentucky, is set to begin his White House campaign on Tuesday, kicking off the presidential run with a rally in his home state. Paul begins the 2016 race as the second fully declared candidate, behind Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, but he could face as many as 20 rivals for the Republican nomination before the primary process starts in January.

Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky (photo credit: AP/Charles Dharapak/File)
Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky (photo credit: AP/Charles Dharapak, File)

Two other Republicans considered early front-runners — former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker — are expected to soon enter the race. Whoever becomes the Republican nominee is widely expected to face Hillary Rodham Clinton, the heavy favorite for the Democratic nomination, in the general election. The former secretary of state is expected to announce her candidacy in the next two weeks.

— AP

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