Report: Revolutionary Guards chief backs nuclear talks

Iranian state television is reporting that the chief of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards has offered his support to Iranian nuclear negotiators.

The reported comments by Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari come as some 200 hardliners protested Tuesday against the framework deal struck last week between Iran and six world powers.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards Commander Mohammad Al Jafari (photo credit: screen capture, YouTube)
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Commander Mohammad Ali Jafari (screen capture: YouTube)

State TV’s website quoted Jafari as saying: “With God’s grace, the revolutionary children of Islamic Iran have succeeded in defending the rights of the Iranian nation and the Iranian nation and the Guard appreciate their honest political efforts.”

He also said Iran as a nation supported the diplomatic efforts.

The Revolutionary Guards is the single-most powerful institution in Iran. It exerts a strong behind-the-scenes role in Iranian affairs.

— AP

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