Reuven Kahane, cousin of extremist rabbi, said arrested in NYC for ramming anti-Israel protesters

New York City police have arrested Reuven Kahane, 57, cousin of the infamous extremist rabbi Meir Kahane, several US and Israeli media reports say, after he allegedly rammed anti-Israel protesters in Manhattan.

An argument reportedly broke out yesterday between Kahane and a group of dozens of protesters who were demonstrating next to the Upper East Side home of a Columbia University board of trustees member. As the protesters were leaving, Kahane allegedly drove toward the group, hitting one person.

The Daily Beast reports that police have said they have arrested Kahane and two of the protesters — Maryellen Novak, 55, who was hit by the vehicle, and John Rozendaal, 55.

Kahane has been charged with second-degree assault, reports say citing an NYPD spokesperson.

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