Satellite images appear to show precise damage to Iranian air defenses in alleged Israeli strike Friday

Iran International publishes what it says are images of before and after the alleged Israeli strike on Friday on air defenses near an Iranian nuclear site.

The satellite images appear to show that the damage was very precise.

Iran International is an opposition outlet, critical of the Iranian government.

The alleged Israeli strike overnight Thursday-Friday on Iranian air defenses near the Natanz nuclear site used a high-tech missile that was able to evade Iran’s radar systems, in a move “calibrated to make Iran think twice” before launching another direct attack on Israel, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

Two Iranian officials said the strike hit a Russian-made S-300 air defense system. They told the newspaper that Iran had not detected intrusions into its airspace from drones, missiles or aircraft.

Two unnamed Western officials cited by the newspaper said the missile aimed to show Tehran that Israel is able to dodge and neutralize its defenses.

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