Shooting in Detroit suburb leaves ‘numerous wounded victims,’ authorities say

ROCHESTER HILLS, Michigan — Gunfire erupted at a splash pad in the Detroit suburb of Rochester Hills as families were frolicking in the water to beat the summer heat, leaving multiple people wounded, authorities say.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard tells reporters that “it sounds like we have nine, maybe 10 victims with gunshot wounds, victims of varying kinds of injuries.”

Authorities say they believe they had a possible suspect contained in a home nearby. A handgun and three empty magazines were recovered, according to the sheriff.

“So, preliminarily, it looks like the suspect fired potentially 28 times, reloading multiple times,” Bouchard says.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office says there are “numerous wounded victims.”

In a social media post, authorities say there is still an active crime scene. People are asked to avoid the area.

Officials do not immediately provide additional information, and the condition of the victims isn’t immediately known.

Rochester Hills is about 15 miles (24 kilometers) south of Oxford, where in 2021 a 15-year-old shot and killed four high school students.

Bouchard says Saturday’s shooting is “a gut punch” for the county.

“We’ve gone through so many tragedies,” the sheriff says. “You know, we’re not even fully comprehending what happened at Oxford. And, you know, now we have another complete tragedy that we’re dealing with.”

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