TV report: Mothers and their children will be released together as hostage deal plays out

Understandings surrounding the release of hostages set for the coming days include the provision that mothers and their children will be released together, Channel 12 reports.

The complex sequence of events relating to the releases will play out between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. each day for the next four days from tomorrow, it says.

When each day’s group of hostages are handed over to the Red Cross at an as-yet undisclosed Gaza border crossing, an IDF officer will be on hand to identify each freed hostage.

Only after this process will Israel release its group of Palestinian security prisoners in return — with three Palestinian prisoners to be freed for each Israeli hostage.

The Israeli hostages will have an initial medical check at the border, and will then be transferred to hospitals inside Israel, where they will be reunited with their families

Hamas has acknowledged knowing the whereabouts of 30 of the approximately 40 children held hostage in Gaza, and they are set to be the main component in the 50 hostages to be released in the next four days. But Israel believes that the US, Qatar, and Egypt can help facilitate the subsequent release of more of the children in the near future, Channel 12 says.

The IDF will only halt its campaign in Gaza when the Red Cross confirms that the first group of hostages is in its hands, the report further says.

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