Ukraine says it destroyed Russian military convoy outside of Kyiv

Joshua Davidovich is The Times of Israel's Deputy Editor

Ukraine says it has managed to destroy a column of Russian armored vehicles in the city of Bucha, just outside of Kyiv.

“On the approaches to Kyiv, in the town of Bucha, more than 100 units of enemy equipment were destroyed,” a Ukrainian government account posts on Telegram, along with videos of burning or charred tanks and other armored vehicles.

Regional officials earlier reported buildings and houses on fire in the town, which lies between the key airfield of Gostomel and Kyiv.

Elsewhere, a local journalist reports what he says is a video of two Russian helicopters being shot down.

The Lithuanian defense minister posts what he says is a tally of Russian losses on Twitter, including over 50 aircraft, nearly 150 tanks, and some 4,300 Russian casualties.

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