Video of police detaining young girl over mask offense sparks outrage

Police are under fire after a video emerged showing cops in Jerusalem detaining a young girl for failing to wear a mask properly.

In the video, the girl, aged 13 according to reports, begins to cry as police question her.

According to witnesses and the girl’s mother, she had been wearing a mask, but moved it off of her face to drink a slushy. In the video, she is not wearing a mask, but a man walks up and appears to hand one to her.

“The girl said she was drinking while on her way and between sips a cop came and claimed she didn’t have a mask. He started to write her a ticket, she gave him her parents’ phone number and burst out crying,” a passerby, who offered to pay the NIS 500 fine himself, tells Walla news.

The girl’s mother complains to Channel 12 news that the police immediately told the girl they were giving her a fine, instead of simply instructing her to put her mask on properly.

In the video, a crowd can be seen forming around the girl and the police in the capital’s ultra-Orthodox Romema neighborhood, and the cops eventually leave without giving her a citation.

The video sparks an outcry among ultra-Orthodox politicians, including deputy minister Meir Porush, who claims the Haredi community is being targeted by police.

“This is evil or idiocy. There’s no explanation for hot-headed, inhuman behavior like this,” one passerby tells the Kikar Hashabbat website.

Police say that the claims made around the video are false and that the cops simply told her to fix her mask and sent her on her way.

Videos have proliferated in recent days showing what many describe as heavy-handed enforcement tactics by police, including wrestling teenagers to the ground and tasering people when they resist mask-wearing rules.

In one video, a man on a train gets into a shouting match with police when they try to fine him for not covering his nose with a mask. He tells Channel 12 that because of health issues, he cannot constrict the airflow to his nose with a mask.