MK slams deceased victims of biking accident for orphaning their children

MK slams deceased victims of biking accident for orphaning their children

Aryeh Eldad’s comments regarding couple killed on Saturday draw charges of insensitivity

MK Aryeh Eldad of the National Union (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)
MK Aryeh Eldad of the National Union (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad of the right-wing National Union party on Sunday lashed out at a married couple who died in a motorcycle crash on Saturday, accusing them of failing to consider the option that their love of biking could leave their children orphans.

The couple, Liat and Avikam Gur, 41 and 43, respectively, were survived by their two boys, a 13-year-old and a 3-year old. They were participating in an excursion arranged by the Israeli Motorcycles Club in northern Israel when the fatal accident occurred.

“Did Liat and Avikam Gur, the victims of a biking accident on Saturday morning, not think for even a moment about the 3-year-old boy left at home?” Eldad wrote on his Facebook page.

The Gurs were riding on the same motorcycle when Avikam lost control of the vehicle near the Elyakim junction, causing the bike to swerve and collide with the safety barrier. The couple were killed on the spot.

“I’m sure riding a motorcycle is fun, but where does this utter lack of responsibility come from?” the parliamentarian added. “What total selfishness makes one ignore the responsibilities of an adult parent, and prefer one’s pleasure to the fate of one’s children? What kind of people are they?”

Eldad’s statements provoked a flurry of comments, many accusing him of insensitivity. He later explained himself, telling the Hebrew Walla news website that “parents who leave their children at home should know that the chances of making their children orphans and wrecking their lives are about 12 times higher than if they were together with the children in the family car.

“If a person has to go to work, that’s one thing,” he continued. “But when that person goes on a recreational ride because he’s addicted to it and doesn’t think of the children he leaves at home — that is flagrant irresponsibility.”

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