Mother accused of pimping daughter, 11, to man in exchange for financial support

Alleged pedophile, 62, already has an extensive criminal record, including a prior conviction for raping a 15-year-old girl

Illustrative: An Israel Police car in Petah Tikva, August 4, 2017. (Roy Alima/Flash90)
Illustrative: An Israel Police car in Petah Tikva, August 4, 2017. (Roy Alima/Flash90)

A 62-year-old man from northern Israel on Monday was charged with raping an 11-year-old girl repeatedly for nearly a year, while her mother was accused of allowing him to have sex with the child in exchange for financial assistance.

The pair were remanded at the Nazareth District Court and a gag order was placed over some details of the case, including their identities.

According to the indictment, the defendant used to transfer large sums of money to the minor, buy her gifts, and shop with her.

In addition, he assisted her mother in paying household bills and purchasing household appliances. In return, she allegedly allowed him to rape her daughter.

The indictment alleged that the daughter reported the acts to her mother, but she ignored them and even helped “deepen the defendant’s control over her daughter’s life.”

According to the prosecution, “The defendant used to call the minor dozens of times a day, restricting her movement, forbidding her from going out or leaving the house at certain hours, and also forbidding her to dress in a manner that was not to his liking.”

The indictment further stated that “after the minor refused to comply with these prohibitions, the defendant threatened that he would stop supporting her and her mother financially and even assault her.”

The man is charged with human trafficking, aggravated rape, sodomy, indecent acts and assault of a minor. The mother is charged with human trafficking, aiding and abetting rape, and aiding and abetting sodomy.

According to the Walla news site, the man has a lengthy criminal record, having previously been sentenced to a 10-year prison sentence in 2004 for, among other offenses, the rape of a 15-year-old girl who was babysitting his children.

Despite this, he was reportedly not under state supervision and had even been allowed to work as a school janitor.

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