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Reichman University’s MA in Counter-Terrorism: A Testimonial of Excellence and Impact

Unlike certain leading American universities, Reichman University’s Code of Conduct does not tolerate calls for genocide, or render them “context-dependent”

Dan Riker
Dan Riker

In the moments leading up to the Kol Nidre prayers on Yom Kippur in 2012, I recall a conversation with Prof. Boaz Ganor, now the President of Reichman University in Israel. We discussed  the possibility of my pursuing a Masters degree in Government and Counter Terrorism at Reichman University (IDC) during the upcoming academic year. In a pre-holiday chat, Prof. Ganor expressed confidence, stating, “I’m sure you’ll find the MA program useful and enjoyable, particularly in the counter-terrorism track.”

In hindsight, Professor Ganor’s foresight was crystal clear.

Fast forward eleven years, armed with a Summa Cum Laude MA in Government and Counter Terrorism from Reichman University and a PhD in international security studies from a distinguished British institution, I am privileged to confirm that Prof. Ganor, then the Dean of Reichman University’s Lauder School of Government, was spot on. The MA program with both diplomacy and counter-terrorism tracks, stands as a beacon of intellectual and ethical inquiry and an anchor of academic excellence amidst the tensions and turmoil in the Middle East.

As a 1984 Harvard University graduate and a 2013 Reichman alum, I can say wholeheartedly that Reichman University provided me with a more genuine, higher quality liberal education than Harvard or any other Ivy League institution. Reichman University professors actively encouraged diverse views, prompting students to pose challenging questions. The accessibility and enthusiasm of professors and PhD lecturers were striking in their dedication to teaching students how to think, not what to think.

What sets Reichman University apart is the enduring impact of its professors, many of whom are both scholars and seasoned practitioners. My PhD thesis examiner, a senior professor from Reichman University, has continued to serve as a mentor and friend more than  a decade since graduating.

The university’s commitment to attracting top scholar-practitioners from renowned international institutions, including close interaction with IDF brass in a master’s program, adds to its distinctiveness. Coupled with a diverse international student body, state-of-the-art facilities, a proud Jewish Zionist orientation, and an inclusive approach towards Arab Muslim neighbors, colleagues, and friends, along with ongoing engagement with government leaders across sectors, RU students enjoy an optimal educational environment.

As the President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, spearheading policy, diplomacy, and communication initiatives fostering normalization partnerships across the Arab Muslim majority Middle East, and Middle East outreach to the West, I unequivocally recommend Reichman University as the  top choice for my five children, extended family, and friends.

In today’s western landscape where Jewish students encounter antisemitic protests on many Western campuses, Reichman provides a top rate safe, secure, and accepting intellectual environment that celebrates student diversity rather than enforcing conformity. Unlike certain leading American universities, Reichman University’s Code of Conduct does not tolerate calls for genocide, rendering them “context-dependent.”

In the current competitive educational environment opting for top-notch university education for our children is a no-brainer—no need for “safe spaces.” The protective address is 8 Universita Street, Herzliya, Israel.

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