Swastikas drawn on Washington train station after Holocaust memorial day

‘Sickening’: Local law enforcement opens investigation into antisemitic graffiti as Jewish groups, senator issue condemnations

Union Station in Washington DC defaced with swastikas on January 28, 2022. (Sheila Katz/Twitter)
Union Station in Washington DC defaced with swastikas on January 28, 2022. (Sheila Katz/Twitter)

Vandals drew swastikas on the outer walls of Washington, DC’s Union Station on Friday, leading to condemnation from Jewish groups and lawmakers and the opening of an investigation by local law enforcement.

The swastikas were found graffitied around the entire exterior of the train station. A message of “F**k you Obama” was also scratched onto one of the walls.

The Amtrak railroad service said an investigation was underway.

The Jewish Federations of North America said, “The sight of Nazi swastikas in our nation’s capital the day after Holocaust Remembrance Day is deeply upsetting.”

“This is not okay. Your Jewish friends are exhausted and need you as partners in calling out antisemitism,” said National Council for Jewish Women CEO Sheila Katz.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington wrote, “This antisemitic and hateful symbol has no place in our society, and to find it in our city the week of International Holocaust Remembrance Day is particularly offensive.”

US Senator Bob Menendez called the vandalism “Sickening.”

US President Joe Biden decried antisemitism in a statement for Holocaust Remembrance Day on Thursday.

“It falls to each of us to speak out against the resurgence of antisemitism and ensure that bigotry and hate receive no safe harbor, at home and around the world,” Biden said.

Jews are targeted in hate crimes in the US more than any other religious group, according to the FBI.

A recent poll by the Ruderman Family Foundation found that 94% of American Jews feel there is antisemitism in the US, with 42% saying they experienced antisemitism either directly or through family or friends over the past five years.

The antisemitic graffiti in Washington on Friday followed a string of alleged antisemitic assaults in New York in the past week.

On Saturday, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man was punched on a Brooklyn street and on Tuesday, a man threatened Jews with a machete in the New York City borough.

On Wednesday, a Jewish woman was accosted on a subway in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood.

“You little Jewish girl better get off this train before I hurt you,” the assailant told her.

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