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Twins married to twins give birth minutes apart

Israeli identical twin sisters married to identical twin brothers deliver their first-born girls almost simultaneously

Illustrative photo of a newborn baby. (Chen Leopold/Flash90)
Illustrative photo of a newborn baby. (Chen Leopold/Flash90)

According to multiple accounts, identical twins sometimes share psychic bonds that allow them to share feelings even when they are not together. Whether or not that’s the case, it’s pretty safe to assume that for a few hours in the Israeli coastal town of Netanya on Sunday, two sets of identical twins were experiencing a lot of the same emotions.

The four, identical brothers married to identical sisters, gave birth to baby girls 20 minutes apart at the city’s Laniado Hospital.

While the newborn cousins aren’t twins, they share quite a bit with their mothers, who were also born twenty minutes apart.

Brothers Niv and Ran Cohen, who assumed a religious lifestyle after joining the Hasidic Breslov sect two years ago, told the news website Walla that their wives’ pregnancies were not coordinated.

The Cohens were mentored by the recently deceased Rabbi Eliezer Shlomo Schick, who introduced the brothers to their wives.

“We always knew the match was heaven sent, but this week we got confirmation,” said Niv, who was married four days after his brother.

The mother of the wives said she’s gotten plenty of exercise over the last several days. “I’ve spent the whole week running in between the two delivery rooms,” she said.

According to the ultra-Orthodox news website Kikar HaShabat, many in Israel’s Breslov hasidic community see the births as miraculous and a sign from God.

The Cohen brothers agree. “We see the Almighty as having bestowed this upon us by virtue of the rabbi,” Niv said, according to Kikar HaShabat.

“Its the best feeling in the world,” he added.

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