On board with the Pres.On board with the Pres.

Now you can be Peres’s scriptwriter

Facebook enables users to draft their own presidential message

President Shimon Peres writes on Mark Zuckerberg's wall (Facebook)
President Shimon Peres writes on Mark Zuckerberg's wall (Facebook)

When President Shimon Peres recently met Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he opened an official personal page aimed at creating a dialogue with the Arab world.

Now that the 88-year-old former prime minister has entered the 21st century world of social networking, we can all put words in his mouth… or, rather, on his chalk board.

K/Logic, an Israeli company, has developed a new application entitled “Shim-on My Wall” on Hebrew language Facebook, and “Shimon Peres Says” in English.  Open the page and you will see the president of Facebook looking delightedly at the president of Israel, chalk at the ready. A text box above the picture allows you to enter your Peres script. You can preview it and, if you like what you are having him say, share it in your Facebook page.


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