While thousands streamed to Jerusalem’s Old City late Monday night for traditional selihot prayers ahead of Yom Kippur, authorities instituted security measures aimed at ensuring an uneventful holiday.

The IDF imposed a general closure on the West Bank from Tuesday night to Wednesday night, with Palestinian traffic into Israel allowed only in humanitarian and medical cases. Police also beefed up patrols in urban areas, and around synagogues and cemeteries. Security services will remain in a heightened state of alert until the end of the Sukkot holiday, in two weeks.

Paramedics will also be on high alert over Yom Kippur, as Israeli children and adults alike take advantage of the many closed roads and lack of motorized vehicles to ride their bicycles. Each year, paramedics treat thousands of injuries from biking accidents that occur over the holiday, as well as those who become ill from the long fast. Hospitals and emergency rooms will continue to be open over Yom Kippur.