Internationally acclaimed author Etgar Keret and several other authors have pulled out of a forthcoming evening of cultural activities planned by Tel Aviv city council, Army Radio reported on Monday.

Among the authors involved are Keret, Orly Castel Bloom, Dov Alfon, and Yaheli Sobol, all of whom were scheduled to take part in the White Night all-night cultural event scheduled for Tel Aviv this coming Thursday.

“Tel Aviv is a beloved and important city to us all, but at the moment there is no reason to celebrate,” they explained in a statement.

The authors are angry over the dispersal of social justice campaigners last Friday and Saturday nights that ended in violent clashes with police and municipal inspectors.

The Third Ear music shop, which was also scheduled to take part in the event, said it will join the boycott, Army Radio reported.

Tel Aviv municipality told Army Radio that while it allows legitimate demonstrations in public places, and recognizes the social justice cause, it objects to the violent nature of the recent protests and the violence directed towards municipal workers.

On Monday, dozens of protesters gathered outside city hall to rally against Mayor Ron Huldai.

Last Friday night one of the leaders of the social justice protest movement, Daphni Leef, tried to set up a tent on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv but was arrested along with several others. The incident sparked off much larger demonstrations over the weekend that turned violent and let to multiple arrests.

Tel Aviv’s tent city was a centerpiece of the cost-of-living protests in the summer of 2011, as hundreds of thousands of Israelis took to the streets to protest socioeconomic ills. The protests have largely failed to gather steam so far this year.