A video posted on an Islamic State Telegram account showcases what appears to be a small child dressed in body-covering robes who saws the head off a doll while calling for the destruction of the jihadist group’s enemies.

The brief clip was posted online on August 4 and shows the niqab-wearing child singing an Islamic State song and wielding a knife. The film was translated from Arabic by the Middle East Media Research Institute on Sunday.

According to a Heavy report, the video was released by an IS sympathizer on a German Telegram channel with the title “The new generation is raised.” The Heavy report identifies the child as a prepubescent boy, whereas the MEMRI report said it was a girl.

“State of Islam, attack and defeat the religion of heresy and the gang of the military,” the child, whose face is obscured by black robes, tells the camera. “Instill terror, exterminate the leftover remnants [of the army], and slaughter.”

It’s not clear whether the army in question is the Syrian or Iraqi army, or both.

The child then utters a tiny “Allahu akbar” — Arabic for God is great — and proceeds to saw the doll’s head off while the song, including the lyrics “My sword has been sharpened to destroy you” plays in the background.

Dropping the head to the floor, the child proclaims “The Islamic State will remain and expand!”

Videos released by the Islamic State last summer showed children practicing decapitation on dolls, mimicking the execution method preferred in the jihadist group’s propaganda videos.

In February the group released a video showing a jihadi training camp for children, where they are trained and reportedly taught to decapitate blonde-haired, blue-eyed dolls. Hundreds of children growing up under the grip of the jihadist group are indoctrinated in Islamic State training camps, in which they’re inculcated with the organization’s radical beliefs and trained to be child soldiers.