Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, can now add B-level dancing to his resume after the 51-year-old was seen shaking it up at an August 27 “victory” parade following the conclusion of Operation Protective Edge.

The edited video, which was uploaded by the Facebook page of the popular news website Palestine Online, shows a jubilant Haniyeh strutting his stuff through the sunroof of an SUV.

Haniyeh, surrounded by a heavy security detail, pulls off several well-known dance techniques including the arm wave, the finger point and the chain swing — a myriad of moves that screamed “Elaine Benes” more than terrorist mastermind.

Haniyeh appeared relaxed and in his element and can also be seen “raising the roof” with an assault rifle among a crowd of flag-waving supporters.

Although the Gaza leader was warmly received by adoring supporters, he has yet to be contacted by “Raqs el Noujoum,” the Arab world’s version of the immensely popular television series “Dancing with the Stars.”