Violent anti-Israel protests rocked the Jewish Diaspora this weekend as Israel began its ground incursion into the Gaza Strip during the second week of Operation Protective Edge.

On Friday, pro-Israel students in Boston were “extracted” by police from a pro-Palestinian “die-in,” and a Kashmiri teen was killed Saturday during anti-Israel rallies in India.

In Paris, where hundreds of Jews were trapped in a synagogue during a siege last week, thousands of pro-Palestinian activists rioted Saturday during unauthorized protests, wounding 14 police officers.

A Saturday rally in London had a 15,000-strong crowd chanting slogans in opposition to Israel’s Gaza operation — and the Jewish State in general — while Sunday’s pro-Israel rally only saw some 1,500 supporters.

The examples are endless, from Cape Town to Berlin, Sydney to New York. It seems that in many places Jews are experiencing unprecedented anti-Semitic reprisals for the fighting in Gaza.

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