Egg shortage looms as chicken farmers go on strike

Egg shortage looms as chicken farmers go on strike

Poultry breeders demand a price hike to make up for high feeding costs

Israelis could see their breakfasts suffer this  week as the Chicken Breeders Association announced it will halt the marketing of eggs on Sunday until its demand for a hike in the government-controlled price of eggs is met.

The farmers demand an extra NIS 0.30 per egg, following a 30% rise in the price of animal feed.

Chicken Breeders Association secretary Motti Elkabetz told Globes that egg prices should have been raised before the holidays but the breeders had waited until now out of consideration for consumers.

The increase to the cost of eggs comes in the wake of a general price hike to retail products after last week saw the major supermarket chains announce they would be raising the prices of thousands of products.

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