JTA — Dozens of Italians in five cities gathered to eat pizza to show support for Israel and raise money to send pizza to Israeli soldiers.

Fifty-seven people crowded tables at Milan’s Carmel kosher restaurant on January 10, while dozens of others chowed down on pizza at the same time in restaurants in Rome, Naples, Oristano and Udine, Milan’s Il Giornale newspaper reported Monday.

“There were Jews, Christians and secular people, from the right and the left,” Il Giornale reported.

More than $1,300 was raised to be used to send pizza to Israeli soldiers stationed outside Jericho.

“With this amount of money, at least 400 soldiers can sit happily around the table and be connected by video link with Italy,” Il Giornale wrote.

The website agenziaradicale.com said the event had been organized over the past month via Facebook and other social media.