The son of disgraced former finance minister Avraham Hirschson was set to be released from Meggido Prison Thursday, after he was granted parole four months into his jail term.

Barak Hirchson was sentenced to seven months in January for driving under the influence when he crashed his motorcycle in an accident that critically injured his girlfriend in April 2012. He was also handed a NIS 25,000 ($6,800) fine.

Hirchson, who was 28 at the time, was lightly injured in the accident and released from the hospital later that evening.

The accident occurred on Yunitsman Street in north Tel Aviv. According to reports, the couple had spent some time in the Tel Baruch area, where Hirchson drank beer before the pair got on his motorcycle. During the course of their journey the vehicle struck a sidewalk, knocking them off the bike.

Hirchson had racked up 25 moving violations since obtaining his license in 2002, including a previous charge of drunk driving for which his license was revoked for 33 months, Ynet reported.

Hirchson’s sentencing coincided with the early release from prison of his father, Avraham Hirschson, who had served three and a half years of a five-year sentence.

Avraham Hirschson, a finance minister in prime minister Ehud Olmert’s cabinet, was convicted of embezzling some NIS 2 million, among other charges.