The Justice Ministry on Sunday bestowed certificates of recognition upon 13 ministry employees, including security officers, a lawyer, and a legal expert, for their role in efficiently responding to a bus bombing in Tel Aviv two weeks ago.

The employees served as the first response team at the site of the attack, which happened opposite the Tel Aviv State Attorney’s office. A bomb exploded on a public bus on November 21, injuring 27 people. It was the first terrorist attack of its kind in Tel Aviv since 2006.

According to a press release from the Justice Ministry, the employees were commended for helping reign in the chaos at the scene and extinguishing the burning bus. They provided first aid to the injured — especially one seriously injured soldier — blocked traffic for fear of a second bomb, and forwarded testimony from the victims to the police about the bomber’s ID.

Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman lauded the recipients’ “commendable dedication,” adding that “the sages have said that whoever saves one Jewish life saves the entire world.”

“On behalf of the Israeli government and the Justice Ministry, I want to bestow upon each and every one of you a tribute for your blessed act of saving lives that you did,” Neeman said.