Former Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann sent a Passover greeting to her “many friends in the pro-Israel community.” Up for reelection later this year, the Minnesota congresswoman made clear her longstanding commitment to the Jewish state.

Continuing from where she left off before dropping out of the race for the presidential nomination, Bachmann took direct aim at Iran and its nuclear program. “Make no mistake,” she wrote, “a nuclear Iran threatens the safety and security of a region that directly affects the interests of the United States.”

Bachmann warned that a nuclear Iran could lead to a “deadly arms race” involving the surrounding Arab states, including Saudi Arabia and Jordan. She also cautioned against continued interference by the Islamic republic in the Western Hemisphere. “Just imagine the devastation of a nuclear Cuba or Venezuela,” she wrote.

The congresswoman, an Evangelical Christian, alluded to a religious connection to Israel from her youth, and she mentioned that she had worked on a kibbutz near Beersheba in the summer after her last year in high school.

Bachmann concluded her message by stating that the dangers faced by Israel today are “more acute and more serious than ever.” She pledged to do everything in her power “to protect and secure one of our most precious allies, the great State of Israel.”