Israeli strike on Iran would lead to end of Zionist regime, Tehran general warns

Israeli strike on Iran would lead to end of Zionist regime, Tehran general warns

Deputy chief of staff says Islamic republic has high capabilities

A high-ranking Iranian general warned Saturday that any attempt by Israel to take military action against the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program would cause an “imminent end” to the Jewish state.

“The Islamic Revolution enjoys high capability, and if the Zionist regime wants to take an action against us, it will cause its imminent end,”  said Major General Mostafa Izadi, the country’s deputy chief of staff. Izadi was speaking to the state-run Fars News Agency, which published his interview Saturday.

Talks between Tehran and six Western powers to curb Iran’s nuclear program ended last week, after several rounds and little headway. Western and Israeli officials have said they prefer diplomacy and sanctions to military action, but would leave all options, including a military strike, on the table.

Iran maintains its nuclear program is peaceful, a claim which Israel and most Western countries, including the US, challenge.

Israeli officials have urged the world to take action against the Islamic Republic, which it says would pose an existential threat to the Jewish State if allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

In the interview, Izadi added that Iran could outmatch Israel militarily and otherwise.

“In addition to military capabilities, we also have many other capabilities and possibilities which are way beyond the Zionist regime’s abilities and capabilities,” he said.

Iranian officials have issued several such threats in the past, including last month, when the second in command of the  Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps warned that Tehran could hit anywhere in the Middle East.

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