Police questioned former prime minister Ehud Olmert for three hours Sunday on suspicion of obstruction of justice and suborning an investigation and testimony in cases against him.

Olmert was convicted last month of multiple bribery charges, alongside nine other former senior officials and businessmen who were involved in the development of a massive Jerusalem housing project called Holyland while Olmert was mayor of the city over a decade ago.

Olmert’s sentence will be handed down on May 13.

Olmert said that he would appeal his case to the Supreme Court, which he said he believed “will try to see the full picture and reach the conclusion that I voiced earlier: that I never requested and never received bribes.”

Olmert’s attorney requested on behalf of his client that the judge refrain from sentencing Olmert to jail time, arguing that similar bribery cases resulted in a maximum of 18 months of incarceration.

The state had recommended a six-year sentence and NIS 1.3 million (some $370,000) in fines for the former prime minister.