Russia on Monday called for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and for the international community to urgently take concerted action to stop the suffering of civilians on both sides.

“The new dangerous cycle of violence has shown with absolute clarity the need for a ceasefire,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement as the United States and the United Nations demanded an immediate ceasefire.

“Now we need to urgently bring an end to the suffering of peaceful Palestinians and Israelis and the destruction of civilian infrastructure,” Moscow said on the 14th day of Israel’s offensive in Gaza as the Palestinian death toll rose over 500.

“The scale of the losses and the affliction of the people calls for urgent concerted action by the international community.”

Russia said it would work with both sides in the conflict and with the Middle East Peace Quartet to deescalate the situation.

It also said it “confirms support for the efforts of Egypt” to end the conflict as Egypt has taken the lead in trying to broker a truce between Israel and Hamas.