Israel is bracing for sandstorms and hazy conditions as a strong wind system moves in from north Africa Sunday.

According to forecasters, Sunday will see unseasonably dry and hot conditions in the center and south of the country.

Strong winds will kick up sandstorms in the southern Negev desert and hamsin, or sirocco, conditions, including low visibility and high levels of air pollution, in the center.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a statement early Sunday morning warning that individuals with heightened sensitivity to air quality, including those with heart and lung diseases, pregnant women and small children, should avoid spending time outside on Sunday. Healthy individuals should also avoid intensive physical exercise outdoors during the day.

Rain is expected in the afternoon, but will be concentrated in the Galilee and other parts of the country’s north, turning into thunderstorms by evening.

The hamsin is expected to break nationwide by the evening hours, with light rain expected to move southward, relieving the heat wave.