During a recent interview, Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman was spotted wearing a necklace with a small cross dangling from it.

Silverman has generated controversy in the past with all sorts of comedic hijinks, some of them overtly political and others riffing on religion.

However, the tiny necklace doesn’t appear to belong in that category, as due to its side it could easily have gone unnoticed had it not been pointed out by Heeb Magazine.

Despite her writing and starring in the 2005 comedy “Jesus is Magic,” there have been no indications that Silverman is mulling a conversion to Christianity.

In fact, as an avowed liberal with a decidedly irreverent style, she’s been known to tick off some Christian believers.

In July, Silverman found herself at the center of the US abortion debate when a controversial tweet she posted sparked a political row after it was re-tweeted by a Colorado congressman.

Silverman wrote on the microblogging site that she would like to “anally probe” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.