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Daily Briefing Mar. 31 – Enter Rivlin: Can the president solve the deadlock?

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Today’s panel comprises senior analyst Haviv Rettig Gur and US correspondent Jacob Magid, along with host Raoul Wootliff.

President Reuven Rivlin was presented today with the final results of last week’s election, kicking off the next stage of Israel’s so-far inconclusive election. We look at the latest statements from the parties and the possibilities they have for whom to recommend to form a coalition and be the next prime minister.

In a return to pre-Trump language, the US State Department is back to defining the Palestinian territories as “occupied.” We ask what difference a word makes and whether further changes could impact real policy on the ground.

Plus, we assess the Trump administration’s downgrading of Palestinian ties by “upgrading” its Jerusalem mission and look at what the Biden administration may do to reverse the move.

And finally, goodbye to some of the characters in the 23rd Knesset who won’t be returning in the 24th.

Discussed articles include:

Receiving official election results, Rivlin recommends ‘unusual collaborations’

Sa’ar tells Lapid to ‘step aside’ to let Bennett be PM, before it’s ‘too late’

Lapid said ready to be 2nd in rotation with Bennett but won’t let him form gov’t

In return to pre-Trump norm, State Dep’t report refers to ‘occupied’ territories

Did the US downgrade its Palestinian ties by ‘upgrading’ its Jerusalem mission?

Renegades, rabble-rousers, TV anchors, army chiefs: The MKs who won’t be back

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