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Daily Briefing May 13 – As rockets rain, is Israel on the brink of civil war?

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Today’s panel comprises editor David Horovitz and ToI Hebrew sister site Zman Yisrael editor Biranit Goren, along with host Amanda Borschel-Dan.

To begin today’s program, Goren briefly describes what the past few nights have been like for residents of Tel Aviv — with central Israel hit by rocket fire that, she says, gives just a hint of life in southern Israel under incessant barrage.

Wednesday was one of the most violent nights of internal Jewish-Arab chaos in years as mob attacks spread across the country, from Haifa to Tiberias and Bat Yam to Lod. A mob of extremist Jews was caught on film attacking a young Arab man and beating him senseless in Bat Yam. Defense Minister Benny Gantz calls this “as dangerous as Hamas.” We speak about why it may be even worse for the fabric of Israeli society.

There was condemnation for the mob violence from all sides of the political echelon. We ask, however, where are the political boots on the ground? Who is Israel’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as the country stands on the precipice of civil war?

Discussed articles include:

Jewish-Arab violence rolls through cities like wildfire, with police overwhelmed

Jewish mob’s vicious attack on presumed Arab in Bat Yam caught live on Israel TV

From far-right to Islamist parties, leaders condemn Jewish-Arab violence

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