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Dr. Tamar Hostovsky Brandes: Courts don’t turn a democracy into an autocracy

4th episode of ToI’s new podcast miniseries ‘Israel’s Judiciary: Reform or Ruin?’ takes a nuanced journey into looming legislation that could alter country’s checks and balances

Is Israeli democracy in danger? A proposed High Court override clause has many concerned about a possible tyranny of the majority. Join us as a diverse set of legal experts discuss with ToI editors what’s currently at stake.

In this fourth episode of our limited series podcast, Dr. Tamar Hostovsky Brandes argues that undermining the powers of the courts is a common tactic adopted by regimes that seek to restrain democratic rights.

Brandes teaches and researches on the intersection between international law, constitutional law and political theory. Her work in these areas has been published in leading law reviews and collections. Her article, “The diminishing status of international law in the decisions of the Israeli Supreme Court concerning the Occupied Territories” won the 2021 International Journal of Constitutional Law Best Article award.

Brandes spoke at a Times of Israel live-streamed event on December 15 at the Israel Democracy Institute in Jerusalem on the topic of judicial reform.

In this episode, which is a session from that event, Times of Israel editor David Horovitz introduces Brandes and asks some follow-up questions.

Future episodes will include remarks from other speakers, who firmly disagree with Brandes.

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