Housing snapshot: 10 apartments and houses recently sold across Israel

A behind-the-scenes look at some of the units bought and sold nationwide so far this year

The southern Israeli city of Eilat at dusk, April 2021. (gorsh13 via iStock by Getty Images)
The southern Israeli city of Eilat at dusk, April 2021. (gorsh13 via iStock by Getty Images)

Here’s our weekly roundup of homes recently bought and sold nationally to keep you abreast of the reality on the ground. The information in this article was gathered through the Israel Tax Authority’s real estate research database.

1. In Tel Aviv on Tverya Street, in the center of the city, a three-room apartment was sold in January for NIS 4,300,000 ($1,349,654). The apartment was built in 1960 and covers 83 square meters, on the second of three floors. It does not include parking.


2. In Arad, in a developing part of town, a five-room house sold for NIS 1,050,000 ($321,003) at the end of February. It is a single-story structure built in 1992, covering 260 square meters.


3. In Eilat, on Sderot Hativat HaNegev, a three-room apartment built earlier this year sold for NIS 690,171 ($216,422) in February. The unit is on the first of two floors, and comes without parking.


4. In Hod Hasharon, on Yesod HaMa’ala Street, a four-room apartment built in 2017 sold in February for NIS 2,750,000 ($861,259). It covers 108 square meters on the fourth floor of seven, and includes one parking space. The building has one elevator.


5. In Petach Tikva on HaEtrog Street, a six-room apartment on the thirteenth of fourteen floors sold for NIS 4,935,000 ($1,470,572) in February. The apartment measures 187 square meters and the building, completed in 2021, has an elevator. It does not include reserved parking.


6. In Zichron Yaakov, on Derech Sara, a four-room apartment sold at the end of January for NIS 1,530,000 ($480,225). It was built in 1970 and comprises 93 square meters on the fourth floor of six. The unit does not come with a parking space.


7. In Ariel on HaHagana Street, an apartment in a building from 2021 sold in February for NIS 1,161,904 ($365,059). It measures 128 square meters with five rooms, and is on the first of six floors. There is no allotted parking.


8. In Givat Shmuel on Yitzhak Shamir Street, a three-room apartment sold in February for NIS 2,330,000 ($723,377). The apartment is on the third floor of a 20-floor tower built in 2021 and covers 84 square meters. It came with an elevator but no parking.


9. In Herzliya, in a still-developing part of the city, a six-room single-story cottage sold for NIS 13,300,000 ($3,963,246) in February. It covers 309 square meters and was originally built in 2021. The home also came with a yard measuring another 225 square meters.


10. In Tiberias, on A.Z Werner Street, a five-room apartment sold in March for NIS 1,040,000 ($309,908). The apartment measures 131 square meters and is on the second floor of a six-story building with an elevator, originally built in 1985. It includes a parking space.

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