Israeli military unveils new ‘dual-use’ tank

Merkava 4 Barak, designed for guerrilla warfare conditions, will utilize sensors to give commanders full view of surroundings

Inside of new 'dual use' Merkava 4 Barak tank. (Screen capture: YouTube)
Inside of new 'dual use' Merkava 4 Barak tank. (Screen capture: YouTube)

The Israeli army on Thursday revealed details of a new tank it is developing, designed more for use in guerrilla warfare conditions.

The Merkava 4 Barak, scheduled to be operational in three years, will be the latest of the Israeli Merkava tank series, which has traditionally focused on combating the conventional forces of neighboring Arab states.

The military said the new model reflected an understanding that the theaters of conflict it faces are changing.

“The enemy won’t necessarily be states and armies, but rather an enemy that uses people,” Brigadier General Guy Hasson, head of the army’s armored corps, said.

The “dual-use” tank contains technologies including a sensor system in the helmet that gives the commander a full view of the surroundings.

The model — which will also be equipped with a computer system based on artificial intelligence — is designed to be more secure in the confines of guerrilla clashes.

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